Is your town interested
in using 100% renewable energy?

— Round 2 Towns Wanted —

Are you interested to join with the growing movement of communities across Australia already working to become zero net energy towns?

What is Z-NET?

The purpose of Zero Net Energy Town (Z-NET) is to support towns and villages throughout Australia to satisfy their own energy needs from renewable energy sources in a way which is competitive with its current system of energy (in terms of price, quality, reliability, security of supply and so on).

This is achieved firstly by reducing energy use and then importing or locally producing enough energy to meet or exceed the community’s demand.

There are hundreds of towns and villages elsewhere around the world who have achieved this goal already.

The current focus of work is twofold: continue to support Uralla to implement their plan; and secure resources to support a second round of 3-5 towns to design and implement their Z-NET plan.

The Blueprint

The Z-NET Blueprint is the model created for towns and villages to be able to assess and design their own plan to achieve 100% renewable energy over a period of 5-10 years.

The Z-NET Blueprint was developed at the same time as creating a plan for Uralla ~ the Z-NET Case Study Town. This approach has given the model a very practical and ‘real world’ grounding, and includes a business case assessment to quantify the costs, benefits, opportunities and risks of the various options available.

Creation of the Z-NET Blueprint was funded by the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage.

Z-NET Blueprint is now available.



The full range of resources can be found here.

Z-NET Uralla

Z-NET Uralla Case Study (Plan and Business Case) is now available.


With Mayor Pearce 1

Mayor Michael Pearce (left) with Adam Blakester (Starfish Initiatives) & Bruce Thompson (Moreland Energy Foundation)

Uralla aspires to being a sustainable community. Z-NET is a key part of this.

The challenges of creating environmentally, socially and economically sustainable regional communities can only be met with shared vision and strong leadership. Z-NET demonstrates the power that flows from creating comprehensive community orientated partnerships. In Z-NET the passion, drive and dedication of the community, represented by the Z-NET Uralla Realisation Group (ZURG), has been matched by extensive expertise and skills from the Z-NET Technical Team, Consortium and Advisory Panel.

Uralla is now better placed to understand the character of energy use, the barriers we face in transitioning to an alternative and renewable energy future, and the scale of work and investment required over the coming years to make Z-NET a reality.

Uralla is fortunate to be the Case Study Town and at the forefront of the design of the Z-NET Blueprint model. A number of communities around Australia, and indeed the world, are in various stages of transition to sustainable energy models, while others may not know how or where to begin. We hope that our experience and the lessons learned here will serve those communities as well as they do ours.

~ Uralla Shire Council Mayor Michael Pearce