Want to learn more about Uralla’s energy consumption and the options that might be part of a Zero Net Energy Town ?

This collection of postcards were created for Uralla (the Z-NET Case Study) to explain their context and options ~ reduce energy consumption, generate clean energy on-site or nearby, or to import clean energy.

The postcards are a key part of the Z-NET Blueprint process, and were particularly used by the Uralla community to be able to consider and identify their preferred solutions (which are detailed in the Z-NET Uralla Case Study above).

A tailored version of the postcards will be created for each new town or village as part of their work to become a Zero Net Energy Town.

Z-NET Technical Model

The Z-NET Technical Model is the mathematical machine which holds things together. It incorporates a town’s current energy footprint and analyses the merits ~ both energy-wise and financially ~ of the various options available to reduce and produce energy.

Our long-term goal is to make this tool available using an open and crowd sourcing platform so that it is much more user friendly for towns and villages to use.

At this stage a town or village is likely to require a highly competent technical team to be able to accurately use this.

Z-NET Logos

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Z-NET Blueprint

The Z-NET Blueprint is the model created for towns and villages to be able to assess and design their own plan to achieve 100% renewable energy over a period of 5-10 years.

Z-NET Uralla Case Study

The Z-NET Blueprint was developed at the same time as creating a plan for Uralla ~ the Z-NET Case Study Town.

This approach has given the model a very practical and ‘real world’ grounding, and includes a business case assessment to quantify the costs, benefits, opportunities and risks of the various options available.

The Uralla Case Study can give you a clearer sense of how Z-NET might work for your community.