Z-NET is a collaboration created and coordinated by Starfish Initiatives.

Starfish provides a legal and financial platform for the collaboration to work together, however to the greatest extent possible the governance and implementation of Z-NET is led by the National Collaboration as detailed below. This way of working reflects The Starfish Principle of sustainability.

National Collaboration

A new National Collaboration is currently being formed to lead the second stage of work on Z-NET ~ to secure resources to support both Uralla and a second stage of 3-5 more communities to become zero net energy towns.

The design and formation of the National Collaboration is being led by Starfish Initiatives, Moreland Energy Foundation and the Coalition for Community Energy.

Advisory Panel

The National Collaboration is supported by the Advisory Panel members in providing specialist advice as required from time to time.

The current members of the Advisory Panel are:



The foundation work on Z-NET began in mid 2013 and was led by a Consortium of New England organisations. The Consortium played a significant strategic role in the original project design, selection of the case study town (Uralla) and tender process to engage the technical team to prepare the Z-NET Blueprint.

The members of the Consortium were:


The Executive were responsible for the day-to-day work on the first stage of the project and supported the Consortium. The Executive included the following members:

Technical Team

The Technical Team are responsible for preparing the Uralla Z-NET Blueprint and Business Case.

The members of the Technical Team are: