How can I register my interest to be a supplier for the implementation of Z-NET?

To maximise the benefits of Z-NET for local suppliers ~ be they in the immediate region, NSW or elsewhere in Australia ~ an industry “match-making” program has been established in partnership with the Industry Capability Network ~a business network that connects companies to projects and is funded by the NSW Government through NSW Trade and Investment.

The free program enables suppliers to be added to the Z-NET supplier register:

  1. Register your organisation via the ICN online at
  2. Email Klaus Baumgartel | ICN and Adam Blakester | Starfish Initiatives that you are interested
  3. Once registered, suppliers will be notified of of Z-NET packages for supply as and when they come up.


How do we make sure the Blueprint doesn’t sit on the shelf?

The ZNET process has been designed to ensure we arrive at a Blueprint that is feasible, viable and desirable. For the Blueprint to succeed it needs to be embraced by the community and practical to implement. The Blueprint/Business Plan will set out a long term vision along with some ‘quick wins’ to get started.

How can we find resources for the next step?

For ZNET to be effective in it needs to be economically viable in the long term. To get started, the Blueprint may look to support from the community, government and industry through volunteer time, financial investment and technology partnerships. Developing a clear vision and demonstrating community and business action will attract broader support.