Z-NET is a collaboration created and coordinated by Starfish Initiatives.

Starfish provides a legal and financial platform for the collaboration to work together, however to the greatest extent possible the governance and implementation of Z-NET is led by the National Collaboration as detailed below. This way of working reflects The Starfish Principle of sustainability.

Hepburn Shire

The Z-NET Hepburn Shire work is being lead by the Coalition for Community Energy.

The Project Partners for the project delivery are:

The Project Team members are:

  • Taryn Lane | Alternative Technology Association
  • Damien Moyse | Alternative Technology Association
  • Jon Morgan | Moreland Energy Foundation
  • Brendan Lim | Little Sketches
  • Adam Blakester | Starfish Initiatives

National Collaboration

A National Collaboration are actively working to secure resources to support implementation projects (for both Uralla and Hepburn Shire) as well as for a new round of work with 3-5 more communities being able to become zero net energy towns.

More than sixty other rural towns and villages have expressed interest to use the Z-NET Blueprint.

Members of the National Collaboration are Starfish Initiatives, Alternative Technology Association, Moreland Energy Foundation and the Coalition for Community Energy.



The foundation work on Z-NET began in mid 2013 and was led by a Consortium of New England organisations. The Consortium played a significant strategic role in the original project design, selection of the case study town (Uralla) and tender process to engage the technical team to prepare the Z-NET Blueprint.

The members of the Consortium were:


The Executive were responsible for the day-to-day work on the first stage of the project and supported the Consortium. The Executive included the following members:

Technical Team

The Technical Team are responsible for preparing the Uralla Z-NET Blueprint and Business Case.

The members of the Technical Team are:

Advisory Panel

The National Collaboration is supported by the Advisory Panel members in providing specialist advice as required from time to time.

The current members of the Advisory Panel are: