The Uralla Z-NET project

The town of Uralla is taking the first step in an exciting journey towards a renewable energy future.

The goal of being a zero net energy town can be furthered a number of ways; through using less energy, generating energy on site (e.g. through rooftop solar), generating energy nearby or purchasing energy through the electricity network from a renewable source.

Uralla is taking
the first step
in an exciting journey

The NSW government has provided funding through the Office of Environment and Heritage to fund the business case and blueprint for Uralla to become one of Australia’s first zero net energy towns. The selection of Uralla ends a nearly six month-long search by the ZNET Consortium which is headed by Starfish Initiatives.

Moreland Energy Foundation a Melbourne based not-for-profit who have 14 years experience in sustainable energy solutions along with their consortium partners Enhar , Little Sketches , Percepscion, Climateworks and former Net Balance and Deloitte economist Rod Marsh are developing the blueprint and business case, which is the first step along the way.

How might we transition Uralla to being a Zero Net Energy Town?

The team will be working with the Uralla community and experts to design a ZNET blueprint and business case that could shape Uralla’s energy future: one that meets the simple criteria of desirability, feasibility and viability. Participating in Z-NET for members of the Uralla community will be voluntary. No one will be forced to take any particular action. The blueprint will be aiming to ‘out-compete the fossil fuel system in terms of cost as well as the good of the environment and community’. For more information on some of the economics of the business case see the How might it work page.

The blueprint and business case will explore four key questions: