Business Breakfast

New England Mutual, a locally-based credit union, generously sponsored and hosted a Z-NET Business Breakfast. This was attended by about 50 people and provided an opportunity for the Technical Team to expand engagement with business as well as facilitate a short workshop to identify the opportunities and priorities from their viewpoint.

Attendees of the business breakfast were asked to identify: the biggest opportunities for their individual businesses; the biggest opportunities for Uralla as a community; and the critical factors to make the project succeed.

Although individual opportunities varied significantly based on business type, the whole-of-Uralla discussion highlighted tourism opportunities as well as employment opportunities through implementation and technological innovation. It was also felt there was the opportunity to brand the town through the project to make Uralla produce and ‘exports’ more visible and attractive to outside investment and purchase.

The critical factors to making the project succeed were centred around ongoing access to expertise and an ongoing investment in engagement and awareness with all members of the community included. It was also highlighted by a number of participants the importance of locally driven solutions which support local businesses.

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